• Plaza de Armas

    Plaza de Armas de Cajamarca, Del Batán, Cajamarca, Peru .

    The center of Cajamarca is the Plaza de Armas. It is a square with pre-Columbian dyes in which you can visit beautiful cathedrals, the central fountain and its small passageways. Spending an afternoon in it imbues you with the magic of the place, its silence and its inhabitants will fill you with charm. In the square you can also visit the Santa Catalina Cathedral or also called Cajamarca Cathedral. An imposing building built in the seventeenth century in a baroque style declared a national historical cultural heritage of Peru.

  • Ventanillas de Otuzco

    Ventanillas de Otuzco, Otuzco, Peru .

    Las Ventanillas de Otuzco is a cemetery belonging to the Cajamarca culture (200 AD -800 AD). They are a set of funerary buildings that are 2,650 meters above sea level. They have a particular architecture that presents hundreds of windows and individual burial niches similar to windows, drilled in rock of volcanic origin that reach between 8 and 10 meters deep. Its entrances are rectangular or quadrangular, with a height of 50 to 60 centimeters.

  • Cumbemayo

    Cumbemayo, Sinchi Roca, Baños del Inca, Peru .

    Cumbemayo "Kumpi Mayu" (Well-built water channel) Los Frailones de Cumbemayo is an archaeological area considered among the oldest in the American continent. It is made up of an aqueduct, petroglyphs and a forest of rocks beautifully carved by erosion. Located just 19 kilometers from Cajamarca at an altitude of 3,500 meters above sea level.

  • Porcón Farm

    Granja Porcón, Peru .

    It is an evangelical organization that has ten thousand hectares, these soils and timber resources protect wildlife and the environment. In the last 40 years in an exemplary way, it has developed livestock, dairy and carpentry projects in which they have a hotel made of wood, but the fundamental thing is tourism since it has a zoo and has a variety of animals.

  • La Colpa

    La Colpa, Cajamarca, Peru .

    It was a farm dedicated to raising cattle and producing milk. Inside the hacienda there is a Chapel made of clay, you can also see artisan and environmental workshops for the milking of cows (a characteristic is the call of the cows by name), in addition to an artificial lagoon adorned with small bridges and gardens

  • Polloc

    Polloc, Cajamarca, Peru .


    The Italian mission, for approximately ten years, has been building this beautiful building covered with materials brought from the old continent; This religious complex has walls, columns, ceilings and floors decorated using the mosaic technique. It also trains children, youth and adults in its Don Bosco art school, who participate in the finishing of the buildings.